Why you need a hard-shell suitcase, and what to expect from the new 2017 edition

It may be a classic style of suitcase, but it’s hard to beat the hardshell, which comes in two sizes, and is designed to hold up to three suitcases.

But if you’re thinking about bringing this suitcase into the future, you need to know what it’s like to wear it in a suitcase.

Here’s what to look for.

HARDWARE: The new hardshell version of a suitcase is made from anodized aluminum, but the old version was made from glass and was also hard.

The new model uses a hard shell instead.

It’s tough, too.

Hard-shells weigh about 1,100 pounds and weigh about 40 pounds more than the old hardshell.

They’re more durable, too, which means they’ll last longer and be easier to handle.

And it has a new look that makes it easier to navigate.

The hard shell also comes in a lighter gray, white, or black color.

It has a unique design that’s unique to the hard-hell, with a metal-covered zipper on the front and a white fabric cover that hides the zipper.

It also has a zipper that looks like a zipper, which makes it more comfortable to wear.

The back of the hard shell is made of a different material.

It is softer and lighter than the original hardshell and is much thicker, but not as sturdy.

It weighs about 1.2 pounds.

It can hold up more than two suitcases or one bag.

But because it’s a hardshell it doesn’t fit the typical suitcase size.

A suitcase with two suitbags can easily carry two suitboxes or more.

It will fit in a standard suitcase of a 4-foot by 3-foot suitcase size if the bag is the size of a standard 2-by-4-foot backpack.

The suitcase also has more room for a laptop, camera, or other electronics.

It holds two bags, and it is also more sturdy and more flexible.

It should also be easy to carry with you on a trip because of its extra room.

A hard-sided suitcase is designed for carrying your laptop or other electronic devices, such as an iPhone or iPad.

There’s more room to hold other items.

The top of the suitcase is protected from rain and wind.

It stays dry and cool in temperatures above 50 degrees F, which is about a half degree below normal for a suitcase that is a hard, durable material.

The bottom of the bag has a pocket for your passport or other personal documents, such like a passport.

But when the temperature drops to 50 degrees, the bag won’t be watertight and the zipper won’t stay closed.

And if you need it to be sealed for your personal items, you can remove the zipper and replace it with a plastic one that’s waterproof.

You may also need to wear the bag outside, as the zipper doesn’t have a closure.

It doesn’t look like a hard or heavy-duty bag, and there’s no seams.

It may also be a good choice for carrying a few small items, such a pencil or a wallet.

But it’s still a little too large for a regular bag.

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