Why should I be a fan of elsa?

Juventus fans are a lot like the American and British footballers, in that they’re very passionate about their team and their team’s success.

Juventus are one of the most exciting teams in Europe, and they’re also very successful.

The Bianconeri are one the biggest teams in the Serie A, which means they’re able to attract a lot of fans who will spend money on tickets and merchandise.

However, unlike many other teams in Serie A and the Italian football league, Juventus does not have an official club jersey.

However that does not mean they don’t have a fantastic kit.

Here’s a list of the best kits Juventus have produced.


2015-2016 Juventus’ jersey – The shirt that everyone’s talking about is the 2015-16 Juventus jersey.

The jersey is made of a carbon-fibre jersey, which is the same material as the jersey the club wore during their time in Serie C. The collar is also carbon-free, and the shorts are also made from carbon-freighted material.

The design of the jersey is unique, but its simple yet sophisticated.

The white jersey has an orange stripe down the left shoulder, the blue stripe across the back, the black stripe across both arms and the white stripes down the back.

The shirt also features a unique red collar with the club logo on the collar.


2015/16 Juventus’ shirt – The 2015/2016 Juventus jersey is also the first jersey that the club has ever worn on the pitch.

The blue collar is much more modern than the blue collar used on the 2015/18 jersey.

There are no details on the sleeve that would indicate that the jersey was made of carbon-filled fabric.

The shorts are made from a lightweight material called microfibres.

The yellow stripes across the shorts and the purple stripe down each leg are a combination of microfiber and polyester.

The socks are made of lightweight material made of polyester, which makes them very comfortable and comfortable to the foot.


2015 Juventus’ jerseys – The jersey worn by Juve fans during their run to the 2016-17 Champions League final.

It’s the third jersey Juventus has worn since the 2015 Serie A season, and it’s the first one to feature the club’s famous red and blue colours.

The red jersey is the most modern one, and features the club crest in the front.

The other three Juventus jerseys feature white shorts and white socks, and both are made up of microfabric.


2015 Juve’s shirt – Juve supporters’ jersey in its first season.

The club’s kit has remained largely unchanged for the past two seasons, but the 2015 jersey features a red and black colour scheme.

The kit has also featured a red collar, white shorts, white socks and a white collar.

This is the first time that the shirt features the team crest.


2015 Nuremberg’s shirt.

The 2015 Nureschmeister’s jersey features the Bianconeria crest.

The sleeve has been changed several times, but there are no new details on it.

It features a black collar, a white shorts collar and a black shirt.


2015 Milan’s shirt (2014-15) The Milan jersey is one of Juventus’ best-known kits.

The colours and design of Milan’s kit are very similar to the one worn during the 2015 Champions League Final.

The main difference is that Milan is using a new shirt design for the first season of the new deal.

This season’s Milan shirt is the only jersey to feature a carbon fibre collar.

The sleeves are made out of a lightweight microfibrre material called Ligno-Fibre, and there are also two stripes on the back of the collar, one with the Italian national flag and the other with the team’s crest.

This year’s Milan is also making a return to their old colours, with the new crest featuring a silver badge with the name of the club, which will also be used on their new jersey.


2015 Turin’s jersey – Turin fans’ shirt, the 2015 Turi jersey, the shirt that the Italian giants wore to the final against Juventus.

The team’s jersey was redesigned last season, but it’s not as good as last year’s Turi, which featured a carbon fiber collar.

Instead of the white collar, the collar is made out in black, with blue stripes across both shoulders and the blue stripes down each arm.

The top of the shirt is also made out with microfIBres, and this jersey is still the most sophisticated.


2015 Italy’s jersey The jersey of Juventus fans in the 2015 final against Juve, featuring the team colours in the middle of the chest.

The jerseys are made by Nike, but their design is very different from the one used during the previous season.

Instead, the jersey features black and white shorts with the Milan logo on each side, and red collar and white stripes across each leg.

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