Which suitcase should I buy?

A little over a decade ago, when I was a teenager, I got my first suitcase.

I was about seven years old, and I’d been wanting to buy one for a while.

I remember my mum calling me and saying, “You’re going to be so happy with this thing.”

And I was, like, “Oh, wow.”

And she said, “Well, you’re going in with the wrong suitcase.”

I was like, Oh, well, what do you mean by that?

“And she was like “Oh.

Well, it’s a suitcase.

“So she’s like, What?

And I’m like, [laughs] And she’s also like, Yeah, you can buy a little thing, too.

So I was really stoked and I was actually kind of sad when she told me that she had been buying this little suitcase for a long time.

And she had bought a few more and I thought, Oh my god, they’re all sold out.

I’m really happy.

But then she was in the middle of a trip and I said, Well, how many do I need to buy?”

And my mum said, [shrugs] Oh, you’ll have to go shopping, I’m busy.

So she said she’d check on me every now and then.

And when she checked on me, I was still sitting in the car with my mum, looking at this beautiful suitcase, and she was asking me, What is this?

And my mom was like: You know, I think I’m going to buy a new one.

And I thought for a minute, I need a new suitcase.

So we got together and I bought one.

The problem is, it took me like two years to find it.

So my mum had to wait till she could get home from work and get a replacement, which was very frustrating.

So it was a while before I finally found one.

But it was definitely worth it.

There are a lot of different types of bags out there, so the size and shape of your suitcase is just as important as what you wear underneath it.

And if you want to get a really good fit, you should buy the right suitcase.

If you want a good fit for your kids, you might need a bigger one.

You can buy things that fit differently.

But if you’re buying something to do, and you want it to look really, really comfortable, then you might want to go with a bigger suitcase.

But I think if you buy a very good suitcase, you could probably just buy a smaller one.

It depends on the type of things you’re doing and what you’re looking for.

If the suitcase is really comfortable and it’s made from materials that are durable, it might be more comfortable for you to buy that one, and if it’s not, then it might not be as comfortable for your children.

So if you don’t want to spend a lot, but you do want to have a great bag, then a bigger bag might be better for you.

So that’s what I think, but I’m just going to say it once and say, Buy a big suitcase.

Because that’s the most comfortable bag you’re ever going to find.