Which one is the most important in your suitcase?

It is a classic, and it’s the one you wear with everything you own.

In the back you’ll find the travel case, a suitcase drum, a travel bag and a pair of shoes, but what’s the real deal?

The leopard case is what you’ll keep the most, and for good reason.

Its design is classic, but it is not as versatile as the ones you can find on a range of brands.

The main difference between the two cases is the height of the legs.

The leopards are the standard in the world of travel and its the case that gets most attention from travellers, but you can buy the larger, more comfortable ones for less.

Both have the same dimensions, but the leopard comes in larger, wider, and longer legs than the other, with a more comfortable leg.

Both cases are made of plastic and they are both waterproof, which means they can survive rough outdoor environments and are the perfect fit for a trip to Antarctica.

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