Which is the most valuable item in the suitcase handle?

An antique suitcase handle from the 1960s, pictured in a file photo, is among the most prized items in a suitcase handle, according to an expert.

A hand-crafted piece of luggage is the ultimate form of storage for luggage, with an estimated value of between €1,500 and €2,000, according the Irish Times.

A suitcase handle is made from an outer casing of hardwood, covered with rubber or plastic.

The handle is covered with metal screws, which allow the handle to move freely around in the holder.

The hand-made luggage handle can have an estimated price of €1 and up.

The item’s original owner will be able to collect the value on their death, but the value of the luggage handle will not exceed the owner’s estate, the newspaper reported.

The most valuable luggage handle in the world is a suitcase from the 1930s that is valued at €1 million.

The suitcase handle has a handle that has an estimated retail value of €2 million.