When you want to roll around with Michael Kors but can’t get a suitcase, there’s a suitcase. This

is about the suitcase, not the suitcase.

“A suitcase is a convenient way to carry your essentials around when you’re traveling, like your phone, laptop, tablet, or anything else you need to get from place to place,” Michael Kor said in a statement.

“Our suitcase has been designed to fit perfectly into any travel environment.

The sleek, easy-to-access handles and large, adjustable pockets will help you get to and from places quickly and conveniently.”

The company also claims that the suitcase has a maximum carrying capacity of 25 pounds, or about half the size of a normal-sized backpack.

It also features a fold-up shoulder strap that allows you to lay it flat on a table or shelf, or roll it up to conceal it.

Kors is also offering a $200 price drop on the suitcase to $350.

Korg’s new suitcase is available now for pre-order.