When Disneyland opens for a new season, there’s no need to worry about what to wear on the move

DISNEYLAND is bringing back its signature suitcase and is offering a discounted rate for travelers to go on a shopping spree.

At Disneyland, the first wave of the season, you can now pick up a $5 gift card for your first trip to the park.

But you’ll need to wear your Disney Princess suitcase for the trip, which includes everything from Disney merchandise to Disneyland gift cards.

The gift card will be valid for one visit to Disneyland, which runs from June 30 through Aug. 15, and you can pick it up anywhere in the park, including the Tomorrowland entrance.

The sale will last until Sept. 12, and the first day of Disneyland’s return to Disneyland will be Sept. 16.

You can pick up the $5 card at any Disney Store, Disneyland Hotel, Disneyland Resort, and Disney Cruise Line gift shop.

While the deal is only available at Disney’s retail outlets, you’ll be able to shop at Disney.com and the Disney Shop.

The first wave comes with the Disney Princess and Disneyland Resort gift cards, and there’s a separate offer for the new $5 Disney Vacation Club card.

To get the $10 gift card, you have to wear the Disney princess suit for the entire trip, and it will only be valid on Disneyland property, which also includes the Disneyland Resort entrance.