What happened to the suitcase?

On Wednesday, the Canadian government announced that it had found the suitcase of a missing student, a suitcase that was packed with more than 200 pounds of marijuana.

The case has sparked outrage in Canada, with some questioning whether it is an appropriate case for Canada to be the country where it’s been, and a call for an investigation by the RCMP.

The suitcase was found at a storage facility near Montreal, a distance from the students dormitory where she had gone missing, a source told CBC News.

A spokesperson for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service said it had been notified by police of the suitcase discovery and is continuing to follow up with the RCMP and federal prosecutors. 

“The SIS has been working closely with the Canadian RCMP and the Crown, and will continue to work closely with provincial, territorial and municipal police agencies in their efforts to locate and bring to justice the individual responsible for this heinous crime,” the spokesperson said.

“The Sis will also continue to monitor developments closely and will update Canadians on their ongoing efforts to apprehend this individual.”

The suitcase was discovered on Monday, two days after a 22-year-old woman was found dead at the same location, according to the CBC News story.

The body of the woman, named in court documents as 19-year, was found on Monday.

The suitcase had been in the possession of a friend who had rented it to the missing woman, CBC News reported.

The university that holds the suitcase, Concordia University, said it was the largest suitcase in the school’s possession.

It was not immediately clear what kind of drugs were in the suitcase.

In a statement, Concordias Vice President for Academic Affairs and Financial Aid Dan McPherson said, “The Concordia campus will continue with its ongoing search for a missing Concordia student and we have no further comment.”

In a Facebook post, McPherson said that the SIS was conducting a preliminary investigation and that the department would “continue to support the investigation.”

“As soon as we learn more, we will provide a more complete statement to the media,” he wrote.

On Tuesday, the Sis said in a statement that the case is “being treated as an ongoing investigation” and that “we are committed to working closely and efficiently with law enforcement, our provincial and territorial partners, and our community partners.”

“Our investigation will continue,” the statement said.

A university spokesperson said in an email that “in light of the discovery of a suitcase, the university has immediately contacted police and is providing information about the circumstances surrounding the suitcase to them.”