Trump says he’s ‘not trying to make a buck’ on ‘cool suitcase’

Trump said Tuesday he’s not trying to take advantage of the “cool suitcase” he recently acquired and said he’s focused on being president.

“I don’t have a ton of cash on me.

I’m not trying, but I’m focused on what I can do for the country,” Trump said at a White House news conference.

“So we’ll see what happens.

But I’m going to be the best president that I can be.”

While Trump said he could “make a ton” of money on the “Cool Trumps” and that he is “not trying” to make money, he did say he would “make some money” on the suitcase.

The president-elect was asked about a campaign pledge to spend $10 million on a “cool” suitcase to help him pay for a trip to Europe and said that he “absolutely” wants to do that.

Trump has not made any trips to Europe since winning the election last month, and he said he was in “the final stages” of choosing a new hotel.

He also said he wants to “make it happen” to visit Europe.

“It’s going to happen,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office.

“I’m very, very much looking forward to it.”

While traveling overseas, Trump said, he was “trying to get something that’s cool” for his wife Melania and their kids.

“She said, ‘I’m going shopping, but we’re going to have to go somewhere else.’

I said, you know what, that’s fine,” he said.

“She said that I should be going to China.

I said I should do that.”

In a statement to The Associated Press, Melania Trump said she was “happy to see you are using my cool suitcase.”

She said she “has always felt the value of having a great place to spend time with family and friends.”

She also thanked Trump for taking her shopping, saying she was happy to see him using the suitcase as a way to save money.

“Mr. Trump has been the greatest President to ever run for office and we appreciate all of the support he’s received from all of our countrymen and women,” she said.

A spokesman for the Trumps declined to comment.

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