TravelPro suitcase with 62-inch wheels

TravelPro, the world’s largest luggage manufacturer, has announced the introduction of a new suitcase that will be available in stores this month.

The TravelPro M6000 travel bag is the first travel bag in its class to feature travel wheels that allow the suitcase to roll without sliding on a bed.

The M6000 has a 62-in.

wheelbase, which is significantly larger than the 52-in wheels offered by other travel bags.

TravelPro says the new suitcase has a built-in cushioning system that helps cushion the travel surface while providing more comfort to users.

The TravelPro 5K has an optional travel pillow to provide additional cushioning, but the M6000’s travel pillow is optional and it can be removed if users prefer.

The 5K is a smaller travel bag than the 5KX, which offers a 52-inch wheelbase and a 52.5-inch bed.

Both bags are available in either a black or gray color, and they are available from TravelPro at $2,995.

The new TravelPro 4K is also a smaller and lighter travel bag, but it has a larger bed, a bigger wheelbase (72-in.) and a 55-inch headboard.

The new 4K has a 55.5″ wheelbase.

The M6000 comes with a removable front strap and a detachable rear strap.

The 4K’s straps have a different design, with two straps that run down the length of the bag instead of one.

The 3K is available in gray, black and gray, and both are available at $1,995 each.

A travel bag with a wheelbase of 62 inches is not the most spacious travel bag.

The previous M6000 with a 60-in.-long wheelbase had a 72-in-long wheelbarrow.

The travel bag on the other hand has a 60.5 in. wheelbarrows.

TravelPro’s new Travel Pro M6000 is available from July 31, with the 5k to be available on July 30.

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