The world’s first baby girl suitcase with a baby in it

A baby girl’s suitcase is on its way to the big city.

The world has been waiting for the world’s only suitcase with its own baby in the middle, and now it has arrived. 

The small rolling suitcase is the result of a collaboration between the United Nations Development Programme and the US Department of State.

It was originally designed to be used by a couple of toddlers but was adapted to fit a couple in their small living room. 

According to the AP, the suitcase has two rows of seats, a bed, a table, a small chair and a dresser. 

“The main objective of the project was to build a portable child care room in which the children can have a safe and secure place to sleep,” UNDP said in a statement. 

Baby boxes have long been used in many countries but are now more popular than ever. 

They are also becoming more popular in countries where there are limited spaces for children and families. 

As of now, there are nearly 70 million child care centres across the world, according to the UNDP. 

A lot of these centres are located in poor and developing countries and many of them lack even basic facilities like food and clean water. 

However, this is just one of the ways that the world is moving towards a baby-friendly future. 

In addition to the new suitcase, UNDP has plans to launch a new, high-tech baby-proof suitcase. 

It will be made from an “unprecedented material, including Kevlar and stainless steel”. 

“This innovative material is an extension of the UNICEF-led UNDP-funded Project ChildSafe, which aims to reduce child and maternal mortality and improve access to safe, quality child care by supporting sustainable development and reducing the burden of disease and maternal and neonatal morbidity,” UNDSO director-general Jussi Kallio said in the statement.