The American Girl suitcase: the first-ever American Girl collection

The first American Girl shopping bag to be made in America is now available to purchase at the iconic American Girl store in New York City.

The new American Girl Classic Collection will be available at the store starting Wednesday, June 14.

The collection includes a suitcase made in the U.S.A., a large suitcase, a jessica Simpson suitcase and a classic American Girl t-shirt.

The suitcase has a removable flap that can be opened with a zipper, while the suitcase has side pockets for pens, a camera and a toothbrush.

The t-shirts are made by American Girl, the fashion label behind the classic American girl collections that feature vintage designs from the 1970s.

“We wanted to take our signature American Girl style and elevate it with the latest technology, including new fabric, new designs and a new style that combines classic with modern,” American Girl founder and CEO Kim West told the New York Post.

The American Girls Classic Collection is a collaboration between American Girl and New York-based brand, Gilt.

American Girl is known for their unique American Girl Collection t- shirts and the American Girl bags.

The bags are made in a new American girl fabric and include designs inspired by the iconic designer’s designs and inspirations.

They are also available at Gilt stores and online.