Red suitcase murder: A woman’s suitcase backpack stolen in the capital, police say

LONDON Fog suitcases, wallets, backpacks and luggage can be found around the world, but a London woman’s bag was stolen on Wednesday, sparking an international search.

The suitcase was discovered by a family member in the west London neighbourhood of Holborn and was later found at a local shop.

Police said the woman’s luggage was not found.

“A woman’s backpack is not usually thought of as a suitcase and it’s unusual that a suitcase was taken from her suitcase and not recovered,” a police spokesman said.

“This was a significant case and a large amount of time and effort was put into this investigation.”

The suitcase is thought to be worth around £2,000 and the family member who discovered it is appealing for information.

“We are appealing for any information to help identify the person or persons responsible,” the spokesman said, adding the case was still being investigated.

Anyone with information is asked to call the police.