Red suitcase is a Lego thing

LEGOs are coming to an empty lot near Younis in south Dublin, as the company has announced it will start making Red Bags in the area.

Lego is the first company to start making the red suitcase, which it will call the “Red Bag” to differentiate it from the standard suitcase.

“Legos have become an iconic and valuable part of our lives,” said David McQuaid, CEO of Lego Ireland, adding that the company’s aim is to bring more of the technology to Ireland by producing more of them.

“This is a great opportunity for Lego to offer a more affordable and sustainable product to consumers, while providing a positive image for our iconic brand,” he said.

Legos will start producing Red Bogs and other products in the early 2020s, he said, with the company aiming to bring them to as many of the country’s 500 stores as possible.

“In a few years time, we plan to produce up to 250,000 Red Bigs and 150,000 other products, which will be used in the world’s largest Lego museum, Lego World, in Ireland,” Mr McQuay said.

“We have an established reputation in the international Lego community and the quality and variety of products we will offer will be one of the highlights of the Lego brand, which is a global brand.”

Lego says the company will make products that are suitable for young children and families, and it plans to sell them in “a variety of shapes and sizes” to ensure they are available to people of all ages.

The Red Bag is an attempt to provide a range of products to the growing market of Lego fans, he added.

“The Red Bag will be a great addition to the Lego collection, but will also serve as an affordable alternative for consumers looking to create their own unique designs with a range, from the simplest to the most sophisticated,” Mr MacQuaid said.

He said the Red Bag would be a “key component” of the company, and that it was likely to sell around 1m units a year.

The company has produced a range and range of items, from books, to shoes, to a range that includes a house, including one in which it is planning to put a bed.