How to put a suitcase on your kid’s suitcase

There’s a lot of stuff that kids can put on their parents’ suitcase, but it’s a bit tricky to get it out without getting a sticker.

But now there’s a brand new, super easy way to put your kids’ luggage on the suitcase holder.

The company, KidShelter, is a company that sells kids’ travel accessories.

It offers bags, pillows, bed frames, a pillowcase, a dresser and more.

The luggage holder comes in a variety of colors and styles, including black, gray, and purple.

The kids can also add a few other accessories, like a book or a bookbag.

The bag holder is a $15 accessory, which will go towards the cost of the bags, pillowcases, and the dresser.

It comes in multiple sizes, and there are even kids-sized versions available.

The kid’s bag holder comes with everything you need, but there’s also a little extra that comes with the box, so if you’re worried about your kids getting a little carried away with it, Kidshelter’s got you covered.

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