How to make a suitcase that looks like Vince Camuto’s suitcase

A suitcase made from two identical pieces of fabric is making waves in the fashion world, with many people speculating that it’s the ultimate suitcase.

It’s been described as a “perfect replica of Vince Camutos suitcase,” with the suitcase being “made of fabric from two different items that are very similar, and yet not in the same size,” according to a post on the internet fashion blog StyleCulture.

“It’s definitely a unique design, it’s unique to India and it’s definitely an homage to the fashion icon,” the post reads.

The suitcase is the latest in a line of fashion-forward products that have appeared on Instagram and Facebook.

Some of the items include a bag with a “couch” inside, a head-to-toe dress with a headband and an outfit that includes a headscarf.

A bag with “vintage charm” and “classic design” have also been posted, while a headcover-less scarf is also a trend in the country.

The trend seems to be growing, with more than 100 products being shared on the Instagram account of the fashion designer.

“I made this for my daughter who wants to go to Paris, but she doesn’t know the French and she wants to see some Parisian fashion and I wanted her to have this suitcase,” the designer wrote.

“So I thought, why not make a case for her to go there?”

The suitcase’s creator says it’s a tribute to a friend of his.

“He told me he’d never seen this and I said I want to see it and he said ‘well, what do you think of this?’,” said designer Vishal Gupta.

The post also says that it was inspired by an old man in India who made a suitcase from his own belongings.

“My dad made one of these and I was so happy that he did it,” the person in the post wrote.

Gupta said the inspiration for the suitcase came from a friend who was visiting India and saw a suitcase made by the same designer.

Gupta told the BBC that he wanted to make something that looked like a suitcase but had a modern feel.

“This suitcase was a perfect homage to him, so I decided to make it from his belongings, and he had a suitcase,” he said.

Gupta’s Instagram account has more than 10,000 followers.

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