How to make a suitcase sticker for Harry Potter

When you’re planning a trip to London, you want to make sure you pack a suitcase that looks like Harry Potter’s, not that of a kid with an obsession with travel.

That’s why we created a series of Harry Potter themed suitcase stickers that you can use to make your own for a few extra pounds.

The stickers come in a variety of colours and styles, ranging from the bright yellow of the Hogwarts Express to the dusty grey of the Harry Potter school bus.

Each one is a customisable template, and each comes with a handy Harry Potter-inspired logo to show off. 

To make your Harry Potter suitcase stickers, simply add the stamping and the colour to your template.

Then simply place the template on a flat surface and cut it out.

You’ll need some scissors to cut the template, but we recommend cutting it out with a straight edge. 

Once your template is done, attach the stamps and stickers to it with magnets, tape or other adhesive.

You can also use a template template to make the stickers that way, if you prefer.

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