How to make a suitcase generator

In this episode of MTV News, we’re going to show you how to make your own suitcases that have the ability to generate electricity and heat.

It’s simple, you just need to find a suitable object and put it on a surface that will generate heat.

Make sure you’ve got the right size suitcase, like a normal suitcase, but you can make one that’s even smaller by simply folding the suitcase in half and placing it on the floor.

There are also lots of other ways you can use a suitcase to generate energy, like powering a lamp or powering a fridge, but we’re not going to cover them in this episode.

Instead, we’ll show you the power of a suitcase without actually touching it.

What is a suitcase?

A suitcase is basically a very simple tool, but it’s also one of the most powerful tools ever invented.

In order to generate a small amount of electricity and a large amount of heat, a suitcase is actually just a very thin metal plate with a hole in it.

The heat from the suitcase’s internal coils can then be stored in the hole, where it can then generate a lot of heat.

You can actually turn a suitcase into a generator in the kitchen, or you can build a small generator in your living room, or even on your porch, to generate some extra heat.

If you’re planning on building a suitcase for your future trips, then this is definitely one of those things that you want to start building now, because you don’t have to wait for the summer months.

If your suitcase doesn’t have any holes in it, you can simply stick it into a wall outlet and plug it into the wall outlet when you’re out and about.

When you plug in your suitcase, the electrical energy will go into a coil of wire that is wrapped around the suitcase, and then the wire will travel through the suitcase and go into the socket of the socket.

This coil will then travel through your suitcase and then into your appliance.

You then get to use the suitcase generator to create an extra amount of power when you need it.

How to Make Your Own Suitcases If you’ve never seen one of these before, they are quite simply metal plates that you can stick in the wall socket of an outlet and they will generate electricity.

To make them, simply put a piece of cardboard, paper, or other material on the bottom and use a pencil to trace it onto the surface of the metal plate.

The pencil will then poke a hole through the metal and the metal will stick to the pencil.

Next, just place a metal piece on top of the cardboard, or paper, and you’ve done it!

A suitcase generator is a simple, but effective way to generate power from a suitcase.

The only downside to this technique is that you need a certain type of metal to do this, which is why you can only use metal that is durable enough to withstand regular use.

If it’s not durable enough for you, then you can always use a cheaper, lighter metal, like aluminium or stainless steel, and it’ll work just fine.

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