How to get your suitcase back in your handbag

You’re probably thinking that the suitcase backpack is just another bag of luggage that you can’t really sell and you’ll just take back with you to your next adventure.

But if you were a backpacker in the ’90s, you may not have thought much of the idea at all.

You may have even thought it was a waste of time.

You had no reason to.

Backpacks were used as portable camping gear.

They were used to transport your water bottle and toiletries, your phone, and the occasional extra.

The backpack was an essential part of your everyday life, and many backpackers even used them for personal travel, to take their own clothes with them and get away from the crowds.

They also helped you save money on your next camping trip, which you could then spend on other things.

Now, backpackers can actually buy backpacks in the US.

And for the first time in a long time, you can actually find them for sale online.

Here’s how to get yours back.

How to sell your suitcase backpack