How to get rid of your old suitcase

Vintage suitcase is one of the things that can be the ultimate source of embarrassment.

There’s no denying it, there’s a certain charm and elegance to these classic bags.

You can’t really do much about it though, until you can use it for something more useful. 

A few years ago, I was having a bit of a problem with the suitcase. 

I was spending a lot of time outside and the bags kept getting wet, so I wanted to be able to get my clothes on and off and be able wear them in the rain. 

One of the most effective ways to deal with the issue was to use the suitcase as a portable water cooler. 

If you’re like me and you have a lot to wear, it’s going to get wet and you’re going to need to make sure you have water in the suitcase to keep you dry. 

This made me think, “what if I just packed my clothes in there and used it as a water cooler?” 

I took my bag and started to set it up and then I thought, “well, I guess that makes sense.” 

What if I could use it as an umbrella?

I could set it on my balcony and I could walk down to the beach and it would be there with me. 

There’s a lot more I could do with this suitcase, but the idea is to create a new and interesting use for it. 

In this post, I’m going to explain how to make a vintage suitcase out of a vintage backpack and a vintage purse. 

These bags have the same dimensions as your standard backpack but the backpack has a different pocket, which allows you to carry more things. 

Here’s what you need to get started: A vintage backpack. 

It’s not essential to buy one, but if you’re on a budget you can easily find one. 

You’ll need to find a vintage version of a backpack, but it’s not too hard. 

The backpack has the dimensions of your backpack, so the dimensions are exactly the same. 

For the pockets, you’ll need a 3-inch pocket that fits your purse.

I bought this one from Wal-Mart for $20 at the time. 

How to make your own vintage suitcase This is the easiest part, but I would recommend that you have your sewing machine handy. 

Grab a 3/4-inch piece of fabric and cut out the appropriate length. 

Then, measure the width of the width from the shoulder seam to the opening of the back of the bag. 

From there, measure how far apart the openings should be. 

Make sure that your opening is exactly 3/8-inch wide. 

Measure how much of the opening is going to go to the top and how much is going into the bag itself. 

Cut the opening to exactly 1/4 inch wider than the width. 

Take your measurements and then measure the length of the top opening and the length at the back opening. 

Once you’ve done that, measure your opening and then subtract that number from 3/16 of your original width.

For example, if you had a bag that was 1/8 inch wide, then you would subtract 1/16 from 3 or 3/32 of your width.