How to get a personalized shopping suitcase for $3,000

A personalised shopping suitcase that fits a toddler’s needs is now on sale on for just $3.99.

It’s a suitcase that allows parents to customize their kids’ bags to fit their style, and it’s made with a personalised fabric, so parents can tailor the bags to their child’s needs.

The “personalized” suitcase is the brainchild of an Amazon product developer named Andrew Paz, and was designed by the design studio Paz & Co.

Paz & co. is a family-owned design studio in Los Angeles that specializes in creating products for children and families, and has been featured on NPR’s “Morning Edition.”

Paz’s suitcase has a unique shape that has made it a popular item for toddlers, who love to touch the outer surfaces, and he says his kids have grown up to love their suitcase, too.

The first prototype of the suitcase was designed for a toddler who is a fan of the Lego house and likes to make a mess of it, Paz said.

He and his wife bought the first prototype and made it into a toddler bed.

They later modified the prototype for a larger toddler.

The two children who own the first version of the product are both very enthusiastic about it.

“My kids are into it, they love it,” Paz told ABC News.

“It’s just a little toy, but I’m really excited about the whole thing.

I’m a big fan of that.”

The product was named after the character from “Toy Story.”

It was first introduced at an event in the Philippines in December 2016.

Paza said the first shipment of the customized shopping suitcase sold out in just a few hours.

It’s available in white, grey, and gold, and Paz also said that the final version will be available in both yellow and black.

It will cost $3 million to build.

“It’s the most unique suitcase I’ve ever created,” he said.

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