How to find the right suitcase locks for your suitcase

The Washington State Department of Transportation’s website shows how to determine whether you should purchase a suitcase lock.

However, in a recent survey of backpackers, more than one-third said they should not.

It’s a sentiment shared by the Washington State Association of Travel Agents, which has issued its own suitcase lock guidelines for backpackers.

The association says its goal is to help the public get a good sense of what the lock looks like, and the organization says the average bag weighs between 2.2 pounds and 3.5 pounds, depending on its size.

The Washington Association of Retailers recommends that backpackers use their luggage for less than 15 days, and to pack it out into a way that allows it to dry out when it arrives at the store.

The Washington State Travel Association says that, while the bag may not be exactly the same size, you should consider the lock’s size and the number of lock tabs attached to the exterior to determine how much weight is in the bag, and whether or not the bag can be transported without it.

If you’re unsure about how much luggage a bag is, you can check the size of the lock in the bottom left of the picture above.

You can also see a suitcase’s total length and the amount of space inside each compartment, which is the most important measurement when it comes to luggage lock sizes.

The WASTA suggests that backpacker bags are ideally kept in their original box and that the lock is used only to prevent theft.

It also suggests that the bag should be stored in a dry, dark place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

If you are using the bag for extended trips, consider using a lock with a higher capacity, like a standard 1.5-ounce (2.5 centimeters) lock.

The lock is a good choice if your bag is a backpack and you don’t want to buy a larger one.

The WASTG also says that you should avoid using the lock for longer-than-recommended periods of time, and should store your luggage securely.