How ‘Iron Man’ is reinventing itself as a superhero title

On the surface, ‘Iron Men’ looks like the kind of superhero movie that could only come from Marvel Studios.

It’s a gritty, gritty, dark, gritty look at a young man whose family was murdered in a tragic accident.

But its a film that has grown from the concept of a superhero movie to a blockbuster that could even be seen as a sequel to the success of ‘Iron Fist.’ 

While its a tough call to say how Marvel Studios could have reinvented ‘Iron Patriot’ with ‘Ironman 3’ in the background, it looks like ‘Ironmen’ will be the one to bring it back. 

We asked ‘IronMen’ director Kevin Feige for some insight on the future of the film, what ‘Iron-Men’ should be and what the fans can expect. 

What is ‘Iron”man’ about?

Kevin Feig’s ‘Iron’ is about a young boy who can lift up walls and move objects in space, while the concept seems to be about a kid who’s got super strength and has super speed. 

How does ‘IronMan’ work?

‘Iron men are like superheroes, they can lift things up and move them around.

They can even lift the world.

But their powers are limited, so they can only do that when they get to a certain height.

In ‘Iron Iron Man,’ there’s a kid that can lift a lot of stuff up, but he has to be able to get there before he can lift it up again.

The other thing is, the Iron Man is the superhero who can change shape, but there’s this thing in the movie that allows him to bend things.

So he can make his armor a little bigger and his legs a little longer. 

Can the audience relate to the character? 

No, I think the audience is going to see more of the character and see a lot more of his backstory.

The reason I like this is because it’s a new version of the characters and it’s something that’s very new to Marvel. 

Is the film going to be a sequel? 

It’s not going to.

It might be the same characters.

But the thing is that it’s going to show a little bit more of a family that’s been affected by the accident and how their family is affected. 

Will it have an ‘Iron Age’ like the one in ‘Iron Giant’ and ‘Iron Legion’? 

It will be a new, different world and it will have its own history and its own mythology.

But I think what we want is a new era.

It should be more grounded in the reality of the day.

There should be something about it that’s a little more realistic and real than what we’ve seen before. 

Are there any major plot points to the movie? 

We do know that one of the major plot twists is that there’s going in a prison, but we also know that there are a lot different elements that will be explored.

There are things that we know that the audience can understand and that the other people will relate to. 

Does the film have a female lead? 

I don’t think so.

I think that it will be interesting to see how the other characters react to this character. 

Why is ‘The Iron Patriot’ the only film that features a female character?

What makes it different?

‘The Patriot’ has an iron heart.

And there are other characters that we’ve never seen in a superhero film that have that same heart.

It just makes the movie more relatable. 

When did you know you wanted to make a film like this? 

My agent said that I was going to get an offer from a studio. 

Do you have any other films you are working on that are currently in production? 

That would be something for another day. 

The film will also be released on VOD. 

Have you ever considered doing a sequel or reboot of ‘The X-Men?’ 

I’d love to.

That was the original idea and I’m glad that people are getting to see the original X-MEN.

It was so popular and people loved it. 

Did you get the opportunity to work on ‘Iron Maidens’? 

Yeah, I had an opportunity to do the second Iron Maiden.

But when I got to the studio, they told me I was the only female director working on a sequel and that I couldn’t be in it.

I got the OK from the studio to go in there and make the sequel. 

Would you recommend this film to a friend? 


You’re not alone.

I know that it was hard to get people to watch this movie because it has such a big fan base.

I really think that the fans really appreciate it and the fact that it has gotten a lot attention is an amazing accomplishment. 

I saw a trailer for ‘Iron Maiden.’

Do you think the trailer is a good idea

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