How a $1 million gift to a family in Haiti changed the life of a young woman

The family of a Haitian woman who lost her life in the devastating earthquake in January 2016 had the misfortune of receiving a $10 million gift from a U.S. senator in 2016.

The gift was to help support the purchase of a house in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince.

But the money was not the only reason her family was able to survive in the country, the Post reported.

She also received a $100,000 donation to support her education, a $25,000 gift to send her to college and a $20,000 contribution to the Haitian Red Cross.

“She had a gift, but she had to work to get it,” said her sister, Michelle, the president of the Haiti National Council.

“That gift was what kept her going.”

The money from the $10-million gift is being donated to the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund, a program that works to rebuild homes and rebuild the country after the earthquake.

But that gift was not all that the Haitian government was looking for in 2017.

The government also wanted a $250,000 loan to build a school in Port-Au-Prince, a plan that was met with opposition from the United Nations and was later approved by Congress.

The United States Embassy in Port au Prince is part of the U.N. compound, which has since been renovated.

“We have the largest diplomatic presence in Haiti, and it was just a way to put that on the table,” said Sen. Claire McCaskill Claire Conner McCaskinDem senator says firing Rosenstein would be a mistake, but should leave open the door for impeachment Democratic Sen. Al FrankenAlaska woman held hostage in North Dakota after school bus driver orders her to leave house Dem senator: Kavanaugh accusers ‘totally credible’ MORE (D-Mo.), who spearheaded the effort to make the loan to Haiti.

“I think it was a political gesture by the president that he wanted to get some money, because he didn’t want to take any risk.”

McCaskil, who is the wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Addison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellFord attorneys slam FBI’s Kavanaugh investigation for not interviewing Ford, witnesses McConnell vows to subpoena Ford transcripts if he can ’emit them all’ at Kavanaugh hearing MORE (R-Ky.), praised the president’s “extraordinary efforts” to help Haiti.

McCaskal, who was born in Haiti and served in the U, told Fox News she hopes Trump will continue to support the UHRC program to help Haitian families.

“It is an extraordinary effort, and I think the president will continue that,” she said.

“The president is committed to the UHR program, and we have to continue that.”

The Post reported that Trump met with Haitian President Michel Martelly last month in New York City.

“Trump has long supported UHMR, and his administration has made clear that it intends to expand it,” the newspaper said.

The U.H.RC’s program has provided assistance to over 6,300 Haitians since its inception in 2010, including $400 million for the United States.

“This effort is an example of how our country can provide humanitarian assistance without having to rely on foreign donors,” said the Post.

“Haitians can take advantage of our generous aid system to rebuild their lives and build their futures.”