Herschel’s suitcase sets: This is the scooter, this is the car and this is a suitcase drawing

Sheschel had a lot of fun with her collection of items, from the scooters and cars to the suitcase drawing.

She said she is “happy with how everything turned out.”

She has the most unusual collection she has ever had, and she says the collection was fun to work on.

“It’s been fun to see the creativity in what I did and it’s so beautiful,” Shescher said.

“And I think the best part of the whole process is that people are really supportive and supportive of me.

I feel like I am just a happy little person who is happy to have all of my creations and all of the things I do.””

It was a little bit of fun, a little lot of work, but I’m excited to continue doing it,” she added.

“I’m really grateful for the opportunity to make something for people that need something.”

The collection will be available for purchase on Tuesday, Feb. 15, through the Sheschers Facebook page.