‘Gift of a lifetime’: Man saves $30,000 worth of clothes from the garbage

Man saves more than $30-30,,000 from his personal belongings after being thrown out of a hotel in China by a hotel security guard.

The man, who did not wish to be named, was staying in the Huanxi Pavilion hotel on August 30 when he was accosted by the guard.

“I tried to get out of the room, but he was very strong.

I couldn’t even move,” he said.

“I started running towards him, but I was kicked out.

The guard followed me, grabbed my arm and started hitting me.”

The incident took place at the same hotel in the city of Hubei, about 70 kilometres from the capital, Beijing.

The police said it was the second such incident to take place there in recent months.

According to the hotel management, the security guard did not use force but simply asked the man to vacate the room.

“Security guards are trained to check the contents of the rooms.

If there is any illegal contents, the person will be removed,” the hotel said in a statement.

The hotel management said that it took action against the guard and that the incident will not happen again.

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