Dior’s electric suitcase brings a new kind of luggage experience to the travel world

With its high-end luggage designs, Dior is taking the travel experience to a new level.

It introduced a new brand new suitcase design, the electric suitcase.

It combines a high-quality, functional design with an ergonomic design.

The suitcase can hold up to eight people.

The suitcase has a large screen with LED light for easy viewing, a removable lid, and a built-in camera.

It comes in black, white, and blue.

The luggage is available in different sizes.

Dior is also working on its second electric suitcase which will be a collaboration between the luxury brand and the German technology company Siemens.

It will be made in China and will feature a removable flap with a removable storage compartment.

Dion’s new suitcase comes with a high price tag.

The price of the electric bag is around $2,200, which is quite expensive for such a small suitcase.

The bag can hold four to eight passengers.