Business suitcase, guess suitcase: How to save on travel by using the right suitcase

Businesses and families are increasingly using smaller business cases and the right luggage, but they are also trying to stay ahead of the trend, experts say.

Here’s how to use the right business case for your business and family, and what to look for when choosing your own.


The right suitcase for your travel needs What you need to know about the business suitcase: The right business suitcase is not only the right size, it’s also designed for you.

Businesses can save a few dollars on their own and can even save on luggage fees by using a larger business suitcase.

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Business suitcase size: Your suitcase size When it comes to business-traveling, you need the right sized business case to help you maximize your productivity and make it all worthwhile.

Most business travellers need to keep their bags at least six inches (15 cm) wide for their trips.

However, some people like to have a smaller size for the suitcase.

Business travellers are often looking for the perfect business-carrying case.

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Business Case size and width The business suitcase can be either a standard or padded bag, and it should have room for most items, according to the International Business Travel Association (IBTA).

However, the IBTA doesn’t specify the width or depth of the case.

Business travelers should not feel constrained by the size of their bags or need to consider their own luggage needs.

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How much luggage space should you have?

The IBTA suggests that the business case should be at least one-quarter the width of the bag, according.

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Where should your luggage be?

If you plan on using your suitcase for business travel, the best place to keep your items is in a corner, on your lap or behind your shoulder.

This way, you can get the most use out of the space you have.

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How to pick the right case The best way to choose a business case is to look at it from all angles, so you can see which size and shape is best for you and your luggage.

If you have a laptop or tablet, you might want to look into a laptop case that’s at least two-thirds the width and two-third the depth.

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The best case for business travellers is the business-sized suitcase The biggest drawback for business travelers is that they can’t carry all their bags, which can limit their flexibility.

The IBETA advises against carrying more than two-dozen items in a suitcase.

That means the only time you can carry a lot of luggage is for a business trip or during a holiday.

Here are some suggestions for using a business suitcase for travel: When you’re travelling alone, use a business-size suitcase for two-hour journeys.

It’s great for long journeys, such as to a holiday destination or a friend’s house.


For smaller business travellers, the most convenient case is the two-quart or two-liter business-large suitcase.

This size will keep your things tidy, and you’ll get the best of both worlds by avoiding the overhead of a normal suitcase.

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How can you save money on travel?

When you buy a business or family suitcase, consider all the costs involved.

For example, there are fees for packing and handling, which are normally included with the business bag.

But when you compare the costs of using a small business case versus a standard case, the savings are significant.

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How does a business size case compare to a standard suitcase?

A standard suitcase is the size most people carry in their bags for a single trip, while a business can be one-third of a standard business suitcase width.

The difference between a business and standard suitcase can easily be as small as one-tenth of a millimetre (0.2 inches).

This can help you save on the cost of a larger bag.

A typical business case weighs just a few ounces (30 grams), and you can pack it in the palm of your hand, so the case is easy to carry and easy to store. 10/5

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