Barbie suitcase is the first home-grown fashion accessory

Barbie has released a suitcase, and it is going to be an instant hit. 

The suitcase, which is made of 100% cotton and made with high-quality materials, will be available for $69.99 in August and $129.99 for a limited-edition version.

It has a design inspired by the popular fashion brand, which comes in four sizes, from toddler to grown-up. 

“The suitcase will be the first fashion accessory for Barbie, a company that has taken a bold stance on the world’s issues of gender equality and has been doing it for more than 20 years,” the brand said.

“I love it,” said Tiffany O’Leary, the owner of the designer label.

“It’s an amazing idea, a bold step,” she added.

The suitcase’s design has inspired the designers of the brand to “re-examine the feminine experience” and “make it a more empowering one”.

“We know that we want to challenge our audience to think about how to design for gender equality, and we wanted to do that in a way that would feel fresh and fresh-looking,” the company said.

Barbie’s statement said that the company was not seeking any sort of advertising or endorsement from the brands that make up its clothing line.

The company has said that it is a feminist company. 

But some are not buying it. 

In a statement, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) called the decision to sell the suitcase a violation of US privacy laws.

“If you’re going to sell a suitcase that contains a product that could be used to track you, it’s really important that the seller doesn’t advertise it,” Jennifer Lynch, the director of the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, told Wired. 

Barbie said that there were no plans to offer the suitcase in the US, but it is now available in other countries.

“There are over 600 million Barbie suitcase worldwide, and there are more than 50 million Barbie items sold in the United States alone, Barack said. 

He said that he was very pleased to see that the US was the first country to launch the suitcase. 

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