A suitcase for the ‘big day’: The Green suitcase

A suitcase that is meant to take the party on a big day?

Yes please.

And yes it will work, thanks to a German designer and a British designer.

A green suitcase.

It has a suitcase, with wheels, wheels and wheels of wheels, in which you can transport anything that you want, from food to clothing.

But it’s not the most stylish, and is not suitable for the whole family, but it will be a great way to get out on the town and take the kids for a walk in the park.

The suitcase has wheels, it has wheels and it has some wheels, thanks in part to a collaboration between the Green suitcase and designer Kenneth Cole, the man behind the Green and the Yellow and Green and Green.

Cole says that his suitcase design was inspired by the Green, a green bag used for traveling and camping.

He says that he was inspired to design a suitcase for a different occasion: when the family needs a new suitcase and wants to change something in their luggage, they are always looking for something different.

He decided to try and find a suitcase that could make it easier for a family to change their luggage.

He came up with the suitcase that’s already been popular for several years.

The Green and Yellow and the Green all share a common thread, that they are all designed to help family members change their personal items in a way that’s convenient, quick and cost-effective.

In addition, the suitcase is designed with the help of a new design technology that is now making its way into all new designs.

This technology is called ‘smart modularity’, and it allows the suitcase to be easily and quickly changed without having to worry about what to take out and what to put in.

The first suitcase made of this technology was a prototype that was launched in 2013, but has since been discontinued.

In the meantime, the designer has continued to refine and update the design to make it a perfect match for the family.

The green suitcase was originally designed by Green designer Kenneth Coleman.

This is the first suitcase he has designed.

It’s made out of carbon fibre, and has wheels.

The wheels are made from carbon fibre and the suitcase has a built-in storage compartment that is made of carbon-fibre.

It also has a solar-powered LED light and a battery that is charged by solar panels that are placed on the suitcase.

The bags are made of polyester and are waterproof, as are the wheels.

This suitcase is a prototype and a prototype only.

It can be changed out, and will not work as well as it could.

It will have to be repaired.

It’ll be in storage, which is why it is not a perfect fit for most families.

But this suitcase has already been used by more families than any other.

Kenneth Cole has worked on many different projects, and his work with the Green has been recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The other suitcase, the yellow suitcase, is also made of the same carbon fibre.

It is also waterproof and solar powered.

But the yellow bag has wheels that can be folded out to fit in a suitcase.

So the yellow and green bags will not fit in this suitcase, because there is no space for them.

It won’t be a perfect choice for the couple of weeks that they will be going on holiday in Europe.

But in the long run, these two bags will be able to hold a family’s luggage.

They will be made of a lighter, lighter, heavier, lighter and lighter material.

And they will all be made out with a polyester material.

They are both made from the same material, and they will both be made in the same factory.

The design of the yellow luggage has a similar idea.

It was designed to have a lighter bag.

It would be made from a lightweight material and it would fold down.

This lighter bag will be used in the suitcase, which will be waterproof, and it will also be able fold down and be used for storing other items.

The Yellow suitcase is made from recycled plastic and it’s made to have wheels and a solar panel.

It could also be folded up, but would be more difficult to do in a bag that is not made from polyester.

It makes for a more modern, lighter suitcase.

But you can’t just add a wheel and a wheel of the Green or Yellow suitcase to make a suitcase with wheels and solar panels.

This particular suitcase is one that has been designed by Kenneth Cole.

The wheel and the solar panel in the Yellow suitcase are made out the same way.

But there are other things in the Green case that Kenneth Cole likes.

There’s the colour of the fabric, the way it is cut, the colour the colour, the material that it is made out from, and the quality of the materials used.

These things are important.

It seems that Kenneth is going to continue to update the Green bag and Yellow suitcase designs. The

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